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The expert advice on our website comes directly from researchers, doctors, clinical psychologists, counselors and social workers who are leaders and practitioners in the field of mental and emotional health and wellness, disaster response and recovery, addiction, prevention and psychosocial education. The referrals and references have been created or vetted by a panel of experts in mental and behavioral health. Every advocate is directly involved in working in their communities to help create a stronger foundation for resilience and healing. Finally, each personal story is the authentic lived experience of the person who is telling it — making them, perhaps, the greatest resource A Mindful State can offer.

Borne from a desire to help during crisis

In the spring of 2020, as it became clear that the coronavirus pandemic was going to have a deep and far-reaching impact on the lives of the citizens of Washington State, Governor Inslee brought together a unique and diverse group of experts to determine how to best ensure social services could respond to the growing needs of Washingtonians everywhere.

This “Social Supports Task Force” understood that people are our single most important asset and our greatest source of hope. Task Force members knew that creating a safe place where the good folks across our state could get help, listen to each other, learn from one another and share their best ideas would be the single most important thing they could do to build resilience and begin healing.

To achieve this, A Mindful State was born.

Of, by, and for the people

A Mindful State is a unique collaboration between the Washington State Department of Health, civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, leading experts in mental health and a growing number of incredible people who are willing to share their lived experience. This unusual collection of talent and wisdom has come together to combine expert advice with the voices of real people who are living and working through the mental and emotional health consequences of the global pandemic.

Together we are devoted to improving the individual and collective well-being of Washingtonians by:

• Connecting us through deeply personal communications and conversations
• Empowering us with tools that help build resilience for ourselves and our communities
• Helping one another through simple yet powerful acts of kindness and caring

A Mindful State is a people-powered experience. This rich tapestry of personal stories and expert advice shows each of us that we are not only not alone, but part of something bigger than ourselves — and connected to each other in ways we never realized.

Funding for A Mindful State

The launch of A Mindful State is funded entirely through a grant from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The program is managed through the Washington State Department of Health and overseen by an advisory panel of experts. As the program gains support, we will seek to continue the work through a diverse range of sources including, but not limited to, grants from federal and state programs, private foundations, corporate partnerships, individual donations and a growing community of individuals who are willing to donate time and effort to the cause. If you can help support this important work, please contact us at: participate@amindfulstate.org

Join our growing list of advocates, supporters, contributors and partners

Academics and practitioners in the field of mental and emotional well-being:

Kira Mauseth, PhD
Ashley Mangum MSW
Jose Lopez MSW, MHP
Jodi Daly, PhD Psychologist
Mabel Bodell MD
Elizabeth Cayden, MSc, CPP

  • Sonya Campion (Chair)

    Campion Advocacy Fund

  • Steve Maher

    Our Valley, Our Future/Nuestro Valle, Nuestro Futuro

  • Michael Byun

    Asian Counseling and Referral Service

  • Estela Ortega

    El Centro de la Raza

  • Jodi Daly

    Comprehensive Healthcare

  • Lyle Quasim

    Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective

  • Stacy Dym

    Arc of Washington

  • Thomas Reynolds

    Northwest Harvest

  • Toni Lodge

    The Native Project

  • Loria Yeadon

    YMCA of Greater Seattle